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  Patches for protection from external electromagnetic emissions for sensitive areas of the skin  
  Production method and trademark registered internationally
Skudo Nano-Technology, Tested and Certified in Italy and the United States
Packaged individually, they can also be used as regular plasters for medication

Warnings: do not reuse the patch after removing it from the skin and do not use at night.
In the event of irritation of the skin, immediately remove the patch from the body (e.g. contact allergy to the material used). Product for external use only. Once used, the patch should be disposed of as standard municipal solid waste. The patch is a Class 1 Medical Device. The manufacturer shall assume no responsibility for improper use of the product.

Directions: thoroughly clean and dry the area concerned. Remove the patch from the package and detach the protective part. Apply the patch and hold in place until perfect adherence is achieved. 

Technical specifications: nanotechnology patches to protect the most delicate areas of the body such as, for example, the principal points of the energy meridians and body parts directly in contact with devices that generate electromagnetic fields. The product can correct the disturbance of the electromagnetic wave because it is able to operate on its vibratory effect so that the impact on the part of the body of the person where the patch is applied is reduced considerably or is free of any signals that could disturb it. The manufacturing process is patented and its efficacy has already been certified internationally. Skudo patches offer a way to protect certain areas of the body from external disturbances deriving from artificial electromagnetic fields and they are adjuvants both for healthcare professionals and for the sector of complementary medicine (e.g. acupuncturists, physiotherapists, professional energy balancing operators, etc.). They also favour endogenous stimulation of natural antioxidants, whose functioning can be compromised precisely by artificial electromagnetic fields coming from the outside.

Minus model
Modello minus
Neutral model
Modello neutro
Plus model
MOdello plus
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